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Julia Carter Hart

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist NC# 16163

Julia has 25+ yrs working in Allied, Alternative, and Holistic Healthcare and over 30hrs of OSHA training in Environmental Safety and PPE. She has both Administrative and Practitioner experience including skilled nursing, applied clinical practice  and the academic study of forensic medicine, genetics, infectious disease and pathology. Her background includes physical therapy and therapeutic modalities, movement therapies such as dance, yoga, and pilates, and client based fitness and exercise programs. Julia is a Master Thai Practitioner and specializes in Pain Management, Medical and Sports Massage, working toward physical rehabilitation and fitness goals of the client. Whatever your needs she can create a plan for you to reach your healthcare goals.

Julia attended San Francisco State University where she achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology/Archaeology. Her academic work included studies of Medical Anthropology of the Americas, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Rim and Pacific Islands, and Native American cultures respectively. She has researched Ancient Healing practices and Modern applications of both pre and post institutionalization of Western medicine from various World Cultures and the development of Holistic Healthcare Practices.

Julia maintains a dedication to the Healing Arts and practices with an intention of integrating wellness through the conditioning of the Body, Mind, and Spirit. In her massage practice she offers additional healing therapies such as Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, and Body Applications to cleanse and rejuvinate the body. Julia uses techniques such as Neuromuscular and Trigger Point therapies, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Thai Massage and Reflexology to accomplish the treatment needs for each client. She blends a soft tissue myofascial massage with a relaxing swedish approach to stimulate the release of stress and tension and works deep into the muscle tissue to release pain and obstructions to the overall health of the body. 

 Julia accepts clients from all age groups and will work with all non-contraindicated medical conditions. As well as treating carpal tunnel syndrome, piriformis syndrome and sciatica pain, Julia has successfully worked with clients who are oncology patients and stroke survivors, post surgical/scar tissue patients, and those who suffer neurological disorders. She works with our Law Enforcement and Military/Veteran communities providing collaborating services with other healthcare providers.

Feel free to contact her at The Holistic Care Clinic for any further information.